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Run 3

Run 3 is the latest endless running game in which the player's task is to navigate the tiny aliens to overcome space. This is the third part of the famous endless running series games that developed by Joseph Cloutier and is currently loved by many young people. Run 3 is available in HTML5 format, so you can play right away without Flash support. Players will experience a fascinating version of the game with new lands and an extremely simple main task: run nonstop and, best of all, don't let your character fall. You must try to cross the roads, avoid stumbling, keep clear of falling bricks, holes, traps or collide with other dangerous obstacles. If you hit the wall, the game will be over and you have to start over from that level.

Start running and jumping as much as you can. Your goal here is to go as far as possible in the strange passage and absolutely not fall below in deep space. This thrilling and intense action game will take you on a horrifying journey through a dangerous area and is limited by the many obstacles around. You need to skillfully guide the small gray alien to smoothly traverse the constantly growing territories. You must move along every wall around to find the safest route and see how long the aliens can survive. 

How To Play

Run 3 has two separate game modes for players.

- Discovery Mode: This mode allows players to add more levels to the galaxy map, and runners can also meet new areas or friends along the way.

- Infinite mode: This mode is used to run indefinitely. Players will find energy tiles scattered along the way. It's also important to keep track of the moves because if you fall out of the tunnel, the game is over.

How to use the keys in this game:

  • Use the left or right arrows to rotate the world as you move.
  • Use the up arrow to jump.
  • Use R to reset.
  • Use the P key to pause the game.


- Jump control: The longer that you hold the arrow keys, the higher and farther your character will jump. If meeting platforms with a gap in between, press the arrow to perform a small jump.

- Straight view: record the different sides of the tunnel and focus on the platforms right in front of the character, helping to clearly define the road and having plenty of space to run.

- Infinite practice: Using infinite mode allows players to practice and collect energy tiles to unlock new characters. Let's try running through the endless tunnel, and you will encounter different obstacles.

When you reach a certain distance inside the corridor, your level will automatically increase. As you move, it's easy to notice that there are a lot of missing platforms inside, you should jump over them or choose to walk on the sides to rotate the entire passage and collect power cells to buy the game costume. Let's join Run 3 right now to experience the interesting things that await! 

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