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2 Cars Run

2 Cars Run is a duel racing game in which you are responsible for controlling the vehicle and avoiding any obstacles that may come in your way. The challenge of this game lies in the fact that you have to command one vehicle while looking after the other. In that case, are you ready to join this game now?

Your aim is to go as far as possible on a path full of obstacles. However, at the same time, you will control two different cars at the same time in 2 Cars Run! In case you pass the challenge, hit the play button now and let's get started! At the start of the level, you will observe two cars moving along a road filled with obstacles. You will be able to move the cars forward yourself, but to steer them away from obstacles you will need to click and hold the mouse on the screen. When you press and hold on the screen, the car will run in a circle; However, you should arrange their position to suit the obstacles. If you encounter an obstacle, the level will end and you will have to start the game over from the beginning. Where do you believe you can achieve it?


  • Super beautiful 3D graphic design.
  • There are 2 cars to control.
  • The roads are full of obstacles.

How To Play

  • Click and hold the mouse on the screen to control the two cars to rush forward.

Take the challenge and test your skills in some games similar to Drag Race! and Dirt Bike Mad Skills. Join the challenge now!


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