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Ace Car Racing

Ace Car Racing is a fierce race in the available urban environment, the roads are your arena and are you confident in your ability to conquer obstacles? Is it possible to unlock every car and show off your driving prowess?

Your goal remains the same on all four maps of the Ace Car Racing game. Before time runs out, you should drive as far as possible. There are unique elements and challenges on each map. The first map has multiple lanes and is therefore suitable for beginners, while the second map forces you to drive against traffic in the opposite direction. While on the road, you can also pick up a lot of items. You can buy new vehicles or improve your current vehicles with coins and jewelry. When you get three Lightning Bolt symbols, your speed will be increased. Because time is running out, achieving high speed is important. At the bottom of the screen you will see the remaining time. Forget the starter—your journey to victory is about to begin!


  • Super beautiful 3D graphics.
  • Many different vehicles to unlock.
  • Intuitive controls.

How To Play

  • Your car will move on its own by using the A and D keys to steer and avoid obstacles.

Play beautiful cars on difficult tracks in our collection of car games, including E30 Drift Simulator or Drag Race 3D. Let's start the race now!

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