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Adam and Eve: Zombies

About Adam and Eve: Zombies

In Adam and Eve: Zombies, you play as Adam once more and must lead him through a number of increasingly difficult stages in order to save Eve from the evil zombie cats. The fifth entry in this fantastic series, Adam and Eve 5: Zombies, does not disappoint. Though you would not think zombies existed in the Stone Age, they play a significant role in this game. In order to help Adam get rid of or dodge the cats, you'll need to solve riddles throughout the levels. Use your fast wits to figure out how our hero can best use the items at his disposal to get away. Can you survive New Year's Eve with Adam while completing missions and dodging Zombie Cats?

How to play Adam and Eve: Zombies

Use your mouse or finger to explore the environment and interact with its features. Quick reflexes and a watch out for approaching zombie cats are essential; if they get you, it's game over and you have to start the level over.


How To Play


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