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The magic of Alchemy awaits you! Whenever two ingredients are joined, a third is produced; you'll have to explore to learn all of the combinations possible. Depending on the overall context, each part can be taken either literally or figuratively. The word "water" can refer to either liquid water or to the characteristic of a fluid. The game's magic system has a major bearing on its dynamics. Theories are based on the work of historical alchemists from medieval Europe (and supplemented by the authors). As an additional point, you can create a phoenix from your imagination, but not a lawnmower. Making high-tech items, at least not in large quantities, is impossible. There are over a hundred different kinds of ambient music just waiting for you to experience them!

How to play Alchemy

A simple test for interaction between two parts is to move one over the other and let go. If you run into trouble, you may always utilize the hints as marketing. You can also close your inventory by clicking and dragging an open item out of the list. 

How To Play


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