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About game has been and always is a multiplayer arena where players fight to the end in a game of life and death. The war was fought to keep hostile forces out of the area and protect the boundaries. You have to fight it with other tyrants to dominate the area. However, they would need to do something different if they had any hope of surviving this war. Unable to lose, Amogus was forced to gain control of the station and its surrounding areas. The counterfeiter will leave a trail of evidence when it tries to run away from its territory and you will only have one chance to catch it. You can defeat it and retake its territory by blocking its movement. Stick to a safe path while simultaneously attacking your opponents. If you like action games, try our Action collection!

How to play

WASD keys and mouse on a computer or mobile device's touchscreen, used to control the character's movements.

How To Play


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