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Asphalt Retro

About Asphalt Retro

You get to drive a high-end racing automobile around through some of the world's most famous landmarks in the retro racing game Asphalt Retro. In this risky race, you must advance as fast as you can while staying out of trouble. Test your racer on eight different breathtaking tracks in a variety of powerful vehicles. If you are hurt or wreck a police car while racing, you'll be on the police's "wanted" list, which means you'll earn money. If you want to avoid potential hazards, you'll need to make frequent left and right turns. You can use the collected boosters to restore your nitro or eliminate stars you don't want. Keep your eyes on your foe while you swerve left and right to evade their strikes. If you're successful, you'll get to experience new places and practice using the arrows. Check out our Racing series of drills if you're keen on racing video games.

How To Play

 Increasing velocity is accomplished by pressing the up arrow. For a swaying motion, press the left or right arrow key twice.


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