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Assassin Ninja Rush

Assassin Ninja Rush is an enthralling 3D arcade-style adventure that pushes your ninja abilities to the limit with challenging levels while eliminating enemies. Bnaj will command a skilled ninja assassin, quickly rushing and weaving through a sea of enemies to perform dangerous actions.

Unlock diverse characters and formidable weapons by conquering levels or using gold coins in the in-game store. As you move through the fast-paced environment, skillfully dodge bullets, break crates to replenish your health, and refine your skills on your way to becoming the ultimate ninja assassin! Duck through barrages of bullets, strategically destroy crates to maintain your vitality, and dedicate yourself to honing the skills needed to become the best ninja ever! Are you ready to embark on this wild and challenging journey?

How To Play

  • Click and move your mouse to control your assassin.

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