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Battalion Commander 1917

This is Battalion Commander 1917, your first year as a commander! An regular yet valiant soldier is given seemingly impossible commands in this first-world combat simulation game. He must penetrate into enemy territory in order to identify and destroy a massive hostile machine in a race against time. His 1,600 allies can be saved if he is successful. You've got the courage of a warrior, my friend! Having your fellow soldiers imprisoned in hostile territory may be counted on to help you complete your task. You can buy valuable improvements with the gold you earn in each run, such as a massive tank, with the gold you earn. Let's get in on the action and see what happens!

How to play Battalion Commander 1917

In this game, you'll use your mouse or finger to command the team's actions. Use the left mouse button or the button labeled "skill" to activate a skill that has been purchased.


How To Play


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