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Battle Island 2

In the game Battle Island 2, players once again have to confront both wild monsters with the task of building a powerful monster army with the money you earn. Dive into a grand adventure and your only goal is to become Master of the Island by defeating every trainer.

Fierce fights against both untamed creatures and other trainers will bring you closer to the top of the leaderboards. Make money by strategizing and making smart decisions; Use it to enhance your monster arsenal. As you win, you will level up your resources and be able to gather a more formidable army of animals to train. Defeat all your opponents in the race to the top by leveling up your monsters and perfecting your battle strategy. You can build a diverse and powerful squad that can overcome any challenge by discovering the unique powers and abilities of monsters as the conflict unfolds. Are you ready for this battle?

How To Play

  • Click to eliminate all trainers.

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