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Biker Battle 3D

It's great to have you here in Biker Battle 3D! This is an action video game that blends riding a motorcycle with fighting on the street as it would actually happen. Use the weapons and assaults at your disposal to clear out the dangers to your right, left, and front using the space around you. You will be able to purchase new skins, weapons, and abilities with the gold that you have acquired from the game. In addition, if you wish to, you can unlock several versions of chopper bikes to ride around on. Participating in The Biker Battle, which contains realistic races on challenging roadways, is a great opportunity to enhance your driving skills on a super bike. Get in on the action right now for an amazing adventure!

How to play Biker Battle 3D

Move about by pressing "A," "D," and the "LEFT/RIGHT ARROW" keys in that order. "F" is for the shooter, "T" is for the bat attack, and "X" on the keyboard signifies slow motion.

How To Play


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