About BMX Kid

BMX Kid is a simple and entertaining game for both children and adults. This is one of the greatest bike racing games available, with fantastic visuals and insane acrobatics and feats. Test your horseback riding abilities over difficult terrain and let the daredevil rider in you have fun. Perform exciting acrobatics and feats such as wheel spinning, flipping, and grinding. Put your horseback riding talents to the test over perilous terrain, and let the stunt driver within you have a good time.

How to play BMX Kid

- Pressing the forward button will cause the bike to move forward at a faster speed.

- Press the up arrow while you are driving. If there is an obstacle in your way, jump over it.

- In addition, you can perform stunts by double-clicking the Jump key. You can also use the stars to buy more lives and checkpoints for your character.


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