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Bob The Robber

About Bob The Robber

In the game Bob The Robber, you play as Bob, a robber, in the entertaining adventure game Bob the Robber, and the goal is to steal everything in the game. Stay away from any security measures using laser sensors, cameras or patrolling guards.

From the moment he was born, a boy named Bob quickly realized that his life path would not be the same as that of his peers. The boy decided to become more serious about developing his abilities, instead of playing games carefree like his friends. And no matter what happens next, boy Bob will live his life knowing why he was born on this earth. You have become a real thief since we last saw you! Same adventure in the same game, Swords and Souls.

How To Play

 To play, use the WASD keys or the arrow keys. To attack the guard, press SPACEBAR.


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