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Body Race

About Body Race

Body Race, which encourages a healthy lifestyle by rewarding players for choosing nutritious meals and discouraging them from eating fast food. Beauty can be found in various places, as long as it doesn't compromise your health. Playing this game instantly is a must if you value your health. The size of one's body has no bearing on their attractiveness. Walk the catwalk with confidence and hurry to the finish so that everyone may admire your unique costume. Always have a positive self-image in mind. Get some healthy, fresh produce and eat it. In addition to learning how to utilize exercise tools correctly. Unfortunately, there are foods and fitness tools that will get in your way. Get to work on things that will help you reach your objectives and you'll soon have enough money to buy some nice outfits. Get out there and start exploring right away.

How to play Body Race

As you travel, you may easily readjust your location by touching the screen with one finger and dragging left, right, or back. Automatic procedures are being used to run this simulation. Whenever you want to move around a desktop, you utilize the mouse to do it.


How To Play


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