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Boxing Gang Stars

Welcome to Boxing Gang Stars! This is an exciting fighting game in which the most famous fighters are now in the ring and it's time for them to face off! If you choose to play in single player or two player mode, these fun boxing characters will try to knock each other out. Launch this boxing battle and assert yourself as the undisputed champion of the boxing ring!

To avoid confusion about the keys when you actually play, it's important to go through the brief tutorial and not skip it. Short and precise instructions will be provided. Additionally, they will show you how athletes will behave when they press a specific key. Next, you will choose single or double mode, however this will be determined by whether you have a true partner or not. Be prepared for significant opposition in Boxing Gang Stars as the artificial intelligence will work against you in single player mode and you will act in a very decisive manner. Wish you have fun!

How To Play

  • Click to control your boxer on the mat.

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