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Bubble Shooter HD 3

Bubble Shooter HD 3 is the long-awaited 3rd installment of the popular Bubble Shooter video game series, the goal is to burst all the bubbles on the screen. Is there a maximum score you hope to achieve?

You can do this by using bubbles of the same color to group at least two bubbles together. Adjust your aim by moving the mouse, and when you're ready, you can click on the screen to launch a bubble from the bottom of the screen. In case your actions do not result in removing the bubble from the screen, you are out of luck. From the bottom of the bubble you are rolling, you can monitor your overall chances. There are a total of six opportunities available to you, and if you use them all, the bubbles displayed on the screen will gradually decrease. Your game will end if the bubble comes into contact with the line located at the bottom. Using the settings, you can configure the game any way you see fit. Keep having a good time!

How To Play

  • Click on balls of the same color to explode them.

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