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Build Your Aquarium

Build Your Aquarium is a thoroughly enjoyable fishing game where you are in charge of an aquarium that caters to a variety of consumer requests. Initially, you will be asked to build an aquarium before starting. Everyone's favorite fish, the clownfish, will be the first fish you catch and sell after catching it.

To achieve success, you need to take some action. When swimming towards a school of fish, you should try to keep the fish in your sight until you can catch them. Return to the store when you have a bag full of fish and then place them in the aquarium. The fish will be purchased by your customers when they arrive. You should spend the money you earn on buying more tanks and upgrades. Various fish species and features will be available to you as you progress through the game's levels. Become the most successful and richest aquarium tycoon! Please join us now!


  • Beautiful 3D graphics.
  • Many different types of fish.
  • Exciting challenging levels.

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to control your character and enter the ocean.

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