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Burger Race

Welcome to the world of Burger Race! This is a hyper-casual racing game, where the goal is to build a bridge to move to the next stage. You will need to choose ingredients and prepare burgers, earn money and build bridges.

In the game Burger Race you will be able to climb countless stairs to advance to the next level if you carefully choose the ingredients for your delicious burgers. Move your stickman to collect patties, buns, eggs and other burger ingredients. You then take these items to the cooking station, convert them to money, and use the money to place them on the stairs so you can progress upstairs. You have the ability to choose from over thirty different colors for your character. Do you have a chance to win?

How To Play

  • Move using WASD or hold and drag the mouse.

Can you be the first to cross the finish line in top position? Please join similar games like Bridge Build Puzzle and Blob Bridge Run to practice your skills!

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