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Cameraman vs Toilets Puzzle

In the game Cameraman vs Toilets Puzzle, you will play as Cameraman's agent, whose mission is to destroy all the toilets using the heads of the rainbow friends. Use your shooting talents to accurately hit each toilet while avoiding hitting a fellow Nubian.

During the gameplay, your mission is to take down all the enemies in each level without running out of ammo. You may encounter bombs and obstacles in certain levels. Through using these environmental factors to your advantage, you will be able to eliminate all of your enemies with just one bullet. In certain levels, you will also meet innocent people. Don't harm them; otherwise, you will fail the level. The number of stars you get at the end of each level is proportional to the number of shots you used. It's imperative that you use as little as possible to get all the stars on all 35 levels! The moment you pull the trigger, you can score points by hitting your target or you can say goodbye to your dangerous opponents. Wishing you a successful completion of the fight!


  • Beautiful 2D graphics.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Many challenging levels.

How To Play

  • Click and release the left mouse button to aim and shoot.

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