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Cartoon Moto Stunt

Cartoon Moto Stunt is a thrilling racing game in which you will experience powerful sports bikes in a journey with more than 20 levels. There are new missions to overcome in each level and you will need to have lightning fast reflexes and perfect timing.

One can choose from four distinct motorbikes, each with four eye-catching designs. Money earned can be used to buy and improve bicycles. Race down winding roads with lots of hills, do lots of jumps and perform amazing acrobatics while you're in the air! Make checkpoints so you can continue the race from the previous save point in case you fall. Always remember that you should use nitro boost, as this will allow you to reach maximum speed in just a few seconds. It is imperative that you move quickly to reach the finish line before time runs out. For successfully completing tests in Cartoon Moto Stunt, you will be rewarded with money that can be used to modify your bike. As you go through a variety of exciting environments, hone your skills and eventually become the undisputed king of motorbike racing!


How To Play

  • Use arrow keys/WASD to control your vehicle.

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