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Chain Cube: 2048 merge

You'll have a blast with Chain Cube: 2048 merge if you enjoy logic and numerical puzzles that put your brain to the test. As difficult as it may seem to eliminate numerals, getting to the year 2048 is even more challenging. The game will get progressively harder as you play it. Don't go past the line in red unless you enjoy starting over. Keep a close eye on the converging blocks of the chain and aim properly. A new blockchain skin is available after a certain amount of matches have been made and points have been earned. Enjoy yourself to the fullest by playing pranks on your loved ones using phony frozen eggs, animal meat slicers, and more. A copy of the number-merging game can be had and played right this second. So, why are you stalling? Compete with others to see who can merge numbers the fastest.

How to play Chain Cube 2048 merge 

The rules of the game are as follows: 1. Make accurate throws with your 3D dice 2. Shoot for the cube that is the same hue and number, in this case 3. A fourth kind of block can be created by stacking the others. Keep going until the year 2048 has been reached!

How To Play


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