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Christmas Maze Mania

Christmas Maze Mania is a fun Christmas-themed online maze game, where the goal is to identify the path leading from the maze entrance to its exit. You can bring joy to waiting children by guiding Santa through fascinating mazes using mouse, touch or keyboard.

Through 15 difficult stages, you will discover the optimal paths, give lovely gifts and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the festive season. As you progress through each level, the puzzles become more difficult, testing your problem-solving abilities and rewarding you for thinking strategically. Before the time allotted for the game runs out, you must go through the corridors and reach the exit. Be careful lest you get lost and find yourself in a hallway that leads nowhere. Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere filled with vivid colors, charming decorations and the spirit of the season filled with joy. Start the game and let's spread the joy of Christmas!

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to guide your character to the exit.

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