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City Car Stunt 3

City Car Stunt 3 puts you behind the wheel of an intense racing car, where your goal is to complete six difficult races as quickly as possible. Before time runs out, try to complete all six of the game's routes!

This map has a variety of games you can play in your car, including darts, football and bowling. In free driving mode, you have no time limit and can only perform some amazing feats. Get through each level as fast as you can because time is of the essence! You can't stay ahead of your opponents without unlocking faster cars as you complete City Car Stunt 3. With improved physics and visually stunning cars, the latest installment in the story This racing offers a more immersive experience.

Tips and Tricks

  • Since time is important, pay attention to the clock if you want to win.
  • Keep speed and precision under control and aim for perfection in every turn and jump.
  • You can gain a competitive edge by learning the specific features of each vehicle.

How To Play

Player 1

  • Move = arrow keys
  • Nitro = N key
  • Return = B key

Player 2

  • Move = WASD key
  • Nitro = T key
  • Return = C key
  • Restart level = R

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