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Coaster Racer 2

Experience the thrill of Coaster Racer 2, where you compete against other players as you speed down winding tracks to reach the finish line fastest. Start your engines and get ready to compete against sixteen other players in an exhilarating race that takes place on crazy roller coaster tracks.

Challenging races, bikes and nitro system are some of the new additions that have been included in this version of the game. To qualify for the next race, you need to finish in a qualifying position, regardless of whether you are racing on a motorbike or a car. In addition to the ability to win cash for completing races, there are also dollar symbols that you can drive towards to get more cash and upgrades for your car. Make sure you select "nitro" for acceleration in Coaster Racer 2. Make sure to get airborne when doing tricks on the ramp to get extra points. Cones must be hit to receive points and achievements. Use role models to keep an eye on those who are working against you. In case you stumble, you will lose a great time.

How To Play

  • Arrow keys = move left/right
  • N key = acceleration/braking

Our races never end. Continue the fun by participating in more similar games like Mad Race! Fury Road and Drift Challenge Turbo Racer. Wishing you soon become the number one racer in the world!

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