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Coin Empire

In the Coin Empire game, you will participate in actions such as attacking settlements or looting crystals and embark on a journey of idle empire building. You will build your empire with gold, using slot mechanics to earn resources.

When you look at the screen in front of you, you will see an area where you can build your first city. When you look at the bottom of the playing field, you will see a board containing control icons. To start, you will be asked to mine a variety of goods and minerals buried underground. You can progress through the ages as you expand your dominion and unlock powerful heroes like Iron Musk or Thor. After accumulating a certain amount of resources, you will begin to build city buildings, barracks, and palaces for your own use. Build your Coin Empire stronghold and become the coin king of slot machines!

How To Play

  • Click to accumulate points and earn resources.

If you like accumulating wealth, come to Mini Coins or Slime Farm to explore and improve your skills.

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