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Color Galaxy

About Color Galaxy

Color Galaxy is a game where you and your team must use the palette to mark your color area and drive off the opposing squad. Keep an eye on the rivals in your area of influence. In order to express oneself in a style that is uniquely yours, you can use an interface that allows for customization. Invest your gold in different rides, paint jobs, and graphics, and use the rewards from daily quests to buy even more content. Use loops and in-and-outs to map out your region. Determine your own style by experimenting with color. Build strong foundations to unleash massive, eye-catching bursts of color throughout the globe. Leaving your color makes your tail an easier target. The risk of death from collisions with other players is greatly increased. You'll have to constantly strive for dominance in Color Galaxy, thanks to the game's other players. Check out  if you're interested in other 3D color games.

How to play Color Galaxy

Just click and drag to disperse your hues around the globe. The goal of the game is to join your colorful dots with the colored dots of other players to claim territory.


How To Play


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