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Color Race 3D

Color Race 3D is a fun colorful game in which you have to collect stickmen of the same color to pass levels and compete with Boss Stickman. The goal is to reach the finish line by running, growing and absorbing other stick people.

To achieve your goals, you must grow, engage in combat, and ultimately triumph over all obstacles. The winning stickman is the biggest, and the loser is the smallest. To defeat Boss Stickman, you must first complete all stages and collect all Stickman according to your color. As you run, move left and right to collect as many stickmen and coins as possible with your left and right movements. You will become stronger as your character develops more and more. Make sure to grab as many Stickman and coins as possible while you are running. The difficulty lies in the color combinations, they constantly change randomly throughout the game Color Race 3D. You will need to time your moves carefully, perform quick maneuvers around obstacles and match balls of the same color. Pay attention to what colors are coming up so you can plan your moves ahead.

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to move.

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