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Cooking Fast Halloween

About Cooking Fast Halloween

In the video game Cooking Fast Halloween, players compete in a cooking challenge in a restaurant styled after Halloween. Here, you get to play the role of a budding chef with access to a wide variety of tantalizing and fiery dishes to prepare in your virtual restaurant. The goal of this game is to satisfy the hunger and thirst of your patrons. Customers will depart if you aren't quick enough, so tread carefully. Prepare the best mummy hotdogs and creepy soups in the neighborhood as quickly as possible. The pennies you collect can be used to purchase improvements to existing pans or to purchase whole new ones. Anyone with a serious interest in the culinary arts should take up this challenge. Come on in!

How to play Cooking Fast Halloween

Selecting one ingredient will add it to the pan, and selecting the plate will bring it to the diner. Click on the Cooking Shop to update or replace your kitchenware.


How To Play


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