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Cool Archer

About Cool Archer

You'll need to demonstrate your ability to shoot accurately if you want to win this Cool Archer tournament, so get ready to aim. To be successful in archery, you will need to carefully time and adjust your shots in order to strike the target and rack up more points. Your capabilities will be put to the test over the course of the game with challenges that progressively increase in difficulty, such as moving boards and stronger gusts of wind. If you are willing to give this game a try right now, we have an incredible new archery and skill game that we would like to share with you. You will need to get some experience under your belt before you can call yourself a bowmaster. Do you have aspirations of becoming a skilled archer?

How to play Cool Archer

In order to fire arrows, you will need to utilize the mouse. Throughout the course of the game, you will face increasingly difficult objectives, such as shifting chessboards and increasing wind speed. 

How To Play


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