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Countryside Truck Drive

In the game Countryside Truck Drive, you will have the opportunity to experience the peaceful beauty of the countryside while driving your cargo truck. Your mission is to reach the destination of your journey without encountering any mishaps along the way.

You will find yourself on a road that you will rush forward, gaining speed after you have chosen your first truck. Your journey will begin. To earn the highest score possible, you will need to collect coins and avoid barriers. While behind the wheel of a truck, you will have to collect gasoline cans and other valuable goods lying on the road, make turns at high speed and overtake other cars. Collect cash, avoid obstacles and test your abilities to achieve the highest score possible. Performing this action will result in delivery and accumulation of points. In Countryside Truck Drive, you can use them to buy a new car. Hope you finish your race soon!

How To Play

  • Click to drive the truck through obstacles.

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