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Crayz Monster Taxi Halloween

About Crayz Monster Taxi Halloween

We're glad you made it to our Crayz Monster Taxi Halloween game, in which you pilot a wacky monster truck and strive to earn enough money to upgrade your fleet of taxis. Players will pilot a massive monster truck, jump onto other trucks to damage them, and collect candy corn-themed currency throughout the game. Isn't a wild monster truck the perfect way to celebrate Halloween? The objective of the game is to complete the course while collecting coins and eventually reach the finish line to win. Try to get to the end of the course without getting wounded. The goal is to reach the finish line as quickly as possible, so kick back and give it your all.

How to play Crayz Monster Taxi Halloween

To modify the center of gravity, simply press the gas pedal. Maintaining control of the car requires constant use of the gas pedal. On mobile devices, use the arrow keys and WASD for a touch interface. Make sure the car doesn't flip by adjusting the air pressure.


How To Play


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