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Crazy Traffic Control

In Crazy Traffic Control, you will play the role of a traffic manager who is responsible for maintaining the flow of vehicles in a dense urban area. Taking charge of a chain of different cars, each with special speed and durability properties, your challenge is to avoid collisions while ensuring that each car reaches its destination in time.

You will see an intersection in front of you on the screen and at that intersection a predetermined number of traffic lights will be installed. There will be a large variety of traffic passing through there. You will need to control traffic flow by alternating the colors of signs at intersections. Make sure cars don't get involved in collisions in Crazy Traffic Control. Additionally, you won't have to cause any congestion in the area. You will gain points for each successful delivery; however, collisions will cause you to restart the level.

Tips and Tricks

  • To get maximum points, you should focus on maintaining the perfect balance between speed and safety.
  • Avoid speeding recklessly because it can cause an accident.
  • Determine the best way to guide the vehicle considering speed, durability and cargo carrying capacity.

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to click on the circle and arrow keys to control traffic.

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