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Crowd Clash Rush

Embarking on the video game Crowd Clash Rush, players will take on the role of a fierce warrior, ready to fight a large number of challenging opponents. The game's beautiful graphics and realistic sound effects are set in a vibrant 3D universe. Are you ready for this extremely intense battle?

Your blue hero, who is armed with a machine gun, will be displayed on the screen in front of you. To successfully guide him throughout his journey, you will need to avoid traps and obstacles of different shapes and sizes. Since you have discovered the blue energy barriers, it is imperative that you overcome them as quickly as possible. Through the use of this strategy, the number of warriors your team possesses can be expanded. As soon as they identify their opponents, they will immediately open fire. Using this strategy, you can get points in Crowd Clash Rush by eliminating the red stickman using this technique.

How To Play

  • Swipe the screen or click to fight between 2 stickmen.

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