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Crystal Connect

Crystal Connect is a role-playing adventure game where you will accompany a pair of dwarves as they embark on an epic journey to collect rare crystals. Gems must be connected in pairs, creating powerful combinations and you should pave your way to victory.

Along the way, you will collect a variety of really valuable crystals. You will see a playing field in front of you on the screen, and on that playing field there will be crystals of various shapes and colors. To identify two identical crystals, you will need to study things very carefully while doing so. The next step is to click to select both stones. You will be able to remove them from the playing field by connecting them with a line thanks to this method. In the Crystal Connect game, you will earn points if you do these steps correctly. If you succeed in removing all the stones from the playing area in the shortest possible time, you will advance to the next level of the game.


How To Play

  • Click to collect the gems that appear on the screen.

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