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Cursed Treasure 2

About Cursed Treasure 2

In Cursed Treasure 2, you'll construct interesting and robust towers along the routes in order to destroy any heroes that dare to approach. The heroes have returned, and they are more determined than ever to collect precious stones for their monarch. Use towers, upgrades, cola, and spells to repel the evil invaders and save the gems.

In this game, you can choose from three distinct types of monstrously powerful towers, each with its unique set of unlocking skills. The game features 21 wacky levels set in a gorgeous fantasy world, with the challenge ramped up by going through them again in "Night Mode," which dims the lights. Acquiring ability points allows you to improve your character's spells, towers, and more. Playing Gold Tower Defense more often will help you strengthen your defenses.

How To Play

 To cast "Terror," press the letter "W" on your keyboard. Use the letter E to invoke the Meteor spell. Triple your speed by pressing S.

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