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Dash Party

About Dash Party

It's almost time for the fight to begin in the Dash Party arena, which means it's time to start sliding on the platform floor and face your enemies. As you enter this kingdom, you will find a wide variety of playable characters and environments. The more your characters surf, the more options they have for using weapons. By joining forces, you can create a more enjoyable and engaging experience for yourself and your other players. The game's strengths are its stunning user interface, rich music, and impressive visuals, ensuring that you'll have a good time while playing. Play more games like Danger Dash in our collection.

How To Play

 Depending on the game, you will use "WASD" or "arrow keys" to move, or "MOUSE" and "LEFT CLICK" if you are playing alone.

In a two-player game, one player uses the WASD keys, and the other uses the arrow keys.

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