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Devil Dash

Devil Dash is an online escape casual puzzle game in which you will get a chance to unleash your inner demon rage to the fullest to complete the mission. Your goal is to get your character to safety by guiding him away from the dangers and traps he encounters along the way.

To successfully complete this extremely challenging journey, you will need to possess an extraordinary level of patience as well as the ability to improvise. You are about to embark on a trip that will take you through several interconnected realities. As the difficulty of the game increases, the number of obstacles and traps you must overcome will also increase. So your quickness and accuracy will be tested in this situation. The fact that there are so many levels to complete ensures that playing this game will never become redundant.

Interesting features of Devil Dash

You will test your skills against a series of challenging challenges if you take part in this casual puzzle game. The pixelated visuals, transporting you to a bygone era of gaming, are responsible for evoking the retro style that accompanies the game. Those who enjoy playing casual puzzle games will definitely find this an interesting place.


How To Play

  • Control with arrow keys or WASD to conquer the jump.
  • Click Space to jump higher.

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