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Dino Digg

Dino Digg is a game with a series of exciting stages, the task of excavating dinosaur bones from the ground is the first exciting step in your exploration. You will play as a paleontologist and be tasked with excavating dinosaur bones, cleaning them meticulously and then piecing them together to build your own dinosaur museum.

Only after you discover the dinosaur bones can the real labor begin. To return these fossils to their former glory, you will need to carefully clean and restore them. Dinosaur skeletons must be assembled piece by piece, paying careful attention to ensure that each bone is in the correct position. The dinosaurs you have recreated will come to life right before your eyes. You will have the ability to upgrade your tools and equipment as you progress through the game. This will allow you to be more efficient and discover fossils in less time. Thanks to this, you can expand your dinosaur collection faster and complete your museum in less time. Hope you complete this review process as quickly as possible!

How To Play

  • Use arrow keys/WASD/mouse to control direction and skeleton.

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