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Dirt Bike Racing Duel

Greetings and happy for visiting Dirt Bike Racing Duels! Is it feasible to cycle across seven continents, stopping in various countries, regions and cities along the way? The routes you'll ride have been specifically designed for mountain bike competitions like yours. The object of the game is to make it to the conclusion of the course unscathed. Playing Dirt Bike solo or with a friend is an option in this game. In two-player mode, you can take on a friend and explore the game's many levels, each of which offers a different set of obstacles and rewards. Visit the store from time to time, and don't forget to obtain a new bike or enhance your current one!

How to play Dirt Bike Racing Duel

Use the "W, S" KEY to slow down and the "A, D" KEY to accelerate for PLAYER 1.

"UP-DOWN ARROW KEYS" for the brake and "LEFT-RIGHT ARROW KEYS" for the balance are used by PLAYER 2.


How To Play


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