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Don't Fall

A lot of fun may be had in the competitive multiplayer mode of Don't Fall. The objective of the game is to maintain as much of a standing position as possible on a platform that is surrounded on all sides by deadly spikes. Your mission, as suggested by the title of the game, is to maintain command of the dummy and make certain that it continues to be steady and safe on the platform while doing everything in your power to stop it from falling off.

No matter what happens, even getting struck by some large blocks that are falling from the ceiling or getting pushed to the sides by your opponent, you are required to remain standing on the platform throughout the entirety of the match. You can play this game by yourself to see how far you can get, you can play it against other people using the same computer, or you can play it against other people using the internet. 

How to play Don't Fall

Move by pressing the up, down, left, and right arrow keys respectively to play the game.

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