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Draw Wheels

Welcome to Draw Wheels, a game that is both creative and interactive. You will start your wheel crafting adventure by drawing them in various shapes. Make yourself a top player!

Your goal is to create wheels that are capable of pushing the vehicle forward while also overcoming obstacles along the way. Create wheels that are both complex and useful with the game's rich drawing tools, including lines, circles, and other shapes. You will face increasingly difficult problems as you progress through the game of Draw Wheels and to overcome them your wheel will need to utilize both creativity and efficiency. To ensure that your creations are up to any challenge, you need to try out a variety of designs, work on perfecting your processes, and test them on a variety of terrains. Take advantage of your creative potential!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to draw the bicycle wheel.
  • Wheels can be changed at any time during the race.

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