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Drive Winter

About Drive Winter

When navigating the snowy roads of Drive Winter, your mission is to avoid crashing into impossible obstacles to win. When ascending the twists and turns of the road, keep your foot firmly on the gas. However, if you try this, your vehicle may flip over. You need to really press down on the pedals if you don't want your bike to topple over. Use the elevator to quickly and easily go between floors; all you have to do is press the appropriate button upon entering. To go across a closed bridge, you'll need to use your car as a lever.

Level failure occurs if the pixel truck is damaged during the course of the level's obstacles. Try out some of our other games that are like Snow Rider 3D.

How to play Drive Mad 2: Winter

Pedal to the right to go forward, and pedal to the left to go backward. Use a mouse if you're playing on a computer, or your finger if you're playing on a mobile device.

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