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Dynamons 7

You will embark on a whole new journey in Dynamons 7, you will need to gather courage to capture many deadly beasts as you patiently explore the area. Join their team and use their special attacks and powers to defeat other players in exciting one-on-one combat.

With your master's guidance, assemble a formidable squad and take on hordes of hostile enemies. Throughout the game Dynamons 7, you will win duels by carefully considering your opponent's strengths and weaknesses. Embark on an expedition through multiple areas, challenge other trainers and capture creatures like the Gryphonix, Surfant and Dynabug. Bravely face fearsome enemies like Aragonyx, Huango and Cybeenyx. After enlisting the help of all these brave creatures, you can strengthen your squad and confidently take on hundreds of enemies in intense one-on-one battles. Similar to Dynamons 5, a unique and thrilling adventure awaits you.


How To Play

  • Click to take down opposing players.


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