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Egg Adventure

Egg Adventure is an engaging puzzle game in which you are tasked with helping an egg reach its destination by drawing lines and completing math problems. Embark on a journey full of conundrums, protecting the egg from dangers such as falling objects and sharp spikes is just one of many challenging problems.

It seems simple but there are hidden secrets that require you to rearrange the eggs to overcome different puzzles and escape the door. It is important to understand carefully because the solution to the problem may lie in a single phrase or action. The player needs to plan ahead and be creative to pass each level, which is completely different from the previous level. The ability to subtly conceal shock and mystery in seemingly simple situations is what really makes Egg Adventure stand out. To ensure the egg overcomes obstacles without breaking, players should use their imagination, problem-solving abilities and sharp eyesight. This is the ideal game for you if you want a challenging journey that will keep you entertained and thinking. Wish you success in this game!


How To Play

  • Click to draw a straight line to complete the problem.

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