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Fall Flappy Guys

Welcome and good luck with your visit to Fall Flappy Guys! The player assumes control of defeated racers who have been granted the ability to fly in this entertaining video game. Your savior is ready to soar. He wears a white overalls and has a backpack with a jet bag. Behind it you need to make a vivid yellow stripe. That is the current packet strength indicated here. The hero will die with him if he does. If you want to prevent this from happening, you will have to collect some red lightning. They will give you the strength to continue your journey and the navigation skills to avoid encountering other people in black suits in the air. Just like in real life, in Fall Guys Flappy you can increase your score by hoarding a bunch of coins. Become a part of it now!

How to play Fall Flappy Guys

To get started, just click anywhere on the screen; Use arrow keys to move and Space to jump.

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