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Fall Heroes Guys 3D

You've reached the Fall Heroes Guys 3D! To have fun, you need to hide out and play a game in which you strive to avoid getting knocked out until you're the last person standing. There are a lot of tough missions throughout the game that will have you laughing at first and then scratching your head. At the outset of each level, you'll face a whole new set of challenges, which will give you a healthy dose of adrenaline to help propel you forward. As a survivor, it's your job to gather resources and make it through each stage. Many other players will be racing against the clock to reach the end as well. But in order to progress through the stage, you will need to conceal your identity and appear to be one of the locals. It's getting harder and harder to keep up with each new one. Make it past the challenging stages and into the finals.

How to play Fall Heroes Guys 3D

In this game, you move your character using the joystick on the left, and you press the button on the right to make him or her leap. To move the protagonist, use the arrow keys.

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