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Flying Bill

Welcome to Flying Bill! In this exciting game, your goal is to try to accumulate a considerable fortune by completing all the levels given. Once you have control of the bill, you will need to make it fly around a number of different obstacles and traps.

The screen in front of you, located at the starting line, will display the bill for you to see. The bill will start flying on the road according to the signal, gradually increasing speed as it advances. Using only your cash, you can fold, throw and fly through consecutive levels. Get cash, unlock exciting purchases and try to hit the multiplier balls throughout the game. You will need to make the bill fly through green force fields of positive value. You will be able to donate the money you have in the Flying Bill game and you will receive points for doing so. As you get better, you'll find that everything you've bought will gradually turn into a truly special gift.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to fold the bill and throw it.

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