Food Pusher Challenge


Food Pusher Challenge

About Food Pusher Challenges

Food Pusher Challenges is a very simple but also very fun food collection game. To win the game, you will need to collect as much food as possible and place it as close to your partner as possible. The wrestling match will begin in an instant. This match consists of two groups of two people each. Collect food for your partner so they can gain strength and easily defeat their enemies. If you want your partner to get stronger and stronger, you should avoid green foods and opt for high calorie foods instead. The Food Pusher Challenges is classified under the fighting category, but it is also generally classified in animal games and fighting games. The challenge in the game is free, join as soon as possible, and you will get more unique challenges. Interesting gameplay and delicate visuals will give you the most comfortable feeling.

How to play Food Pusher Challenges

You can press the slide to play and choose the dishes on the screen.



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