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Football Stars

Welcome to Football Stars! This is a fun online soccer game where the goal is for players to score more goals than their opponents to win matches. It will not be simple to become a skilled soccer player in this sports world.

When you start playing this entertaining game for the first time, you will be asked to choose your favorite Bollywood actor to start competing with other players. You will have a match lasting ninety seconds, during which you must score as many goals as possible to have the best chance of winning. However, the options are not limited in any way by this game. There's no limit to how technical your headline can be as long as you're clear and factual in your actions. Participate in competitions with increasingly challenging teams. Can you beat the superstars who made football what it is today?

How To Play

  • Hover the mouse to navigate the player.
  • Click to pass or kick the ball.

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