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Forest Match

About Forest Match

Forest Match is glad to have you! This vivid and thrilling match-3 game experience is fun for players of all ages. Its intriguing visual style and creepy, unforgettable tone will quickly take you into its spell. Matching like-colored items in the forest yields bonus points. If you want to gather something, you need at least three examples of it, and you can link together more examples to make more potent powers. These boosters make it easier to clear the playing field of debris like dirt, grass, moss, boulders, and ice and amass the required quantity of items for progression to the next level. Now you may play Forest Match without spending a dime and enjoy dozens of difficult levels, exciting quests, and ever-shifting obstacles.

How to play Forest Match

Complete the goals and match at least three of the same jungle fruit to gain a high score. You can use either your touch screen or mouse to buy and sell items and gain access to helpful power-ups on your journey.


How To Play


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